For 14 years I worked at Idol Minds video game company and most of that time as Art Director/Lead Character Artist. We worked directly with Sony as our publisher for many highly successful Playstation titles including Coolboarders (series), Rally Cross, Neopets, Warrior's Lair and Pain. Before becoming Art Director, I did just about all areas of production including Environment Artist, UI Artist, Graphic Designer, Animator, Rigger, Modeler and Texture Artist. I also managed, hired, scheduled, trained and when I had time, I did some art as well. Before that I went to the Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design to get a Bachelor's Degree in Fine Arts in Graphic Design.


Unfortunately there's a lot I can't show... from presentation docs to entire canceled games to fully comped videos in After Effects/Maya/Photoshop/Powerpoint.

Warrior's Lair (aka Ruin)

Video game for the PS4 & Vita (cancelled).

Ruin was cancelled only 3 months away from completion. For the character team, most of the work was finished except for 2 enemies and one boss. Sony had major losses that year and was forced to cut budgets across the board, including our game. We did, however work on this for almost a year and produced quite a bit of fantastic art and animation much of which I cannot show here.


  • Art Director / Tech Artist
  • Rigged all 32 characters & got working in game
  • We created 21 enemies with at least 3 versions of each and 4 bosses total.
  • Created a modular rigging system in Maya (Python)
  • Hired additional artists, trained, reviewed, managed outsourcing.
  • Stepped in where needed - modeling, animation, texturing, fixing or any other things seen as 'critical'.
  • Created animations for an enemy.


A physics based destruction game that was downloadable on the Playstation 3.

Pain was one of the first games on the PS3 that allowed people to purchase the game in pieces. This allowed us to work on content continually for 3-4 years and keep releasing new content. It's by far the longest game I've ever worked on and the content was really fun to make.


  • Art Director & Tech Artist
  • Rigged all the characters
  • Set up the Havok character rigs
  • Set up character & launcher, created python scripts to automate attaching new character to launcher so rigs could be adjusted per character to accommodate body size/height & hand placement.
  • Modeled and textured Jarvis & the first few characters & established the look & styling.
  • Misc scripting, bug fixing, asset tracking, animation, concept art, modeling, scheduling, hiring.


He went through quite a few versions before we got to the one you see in the game. Sony wanted the quality of this title to really stand out so we put a lot of effort into a detailed, stylized game. Each character was up to 9k tris and normal maps. Here is some art that I created, some is concept art, some are paint overs for marketing as well as Jarvis.

Here's a trailer for the game, you can see tons of videos on YouTube. We had a number of licensed celebrities that got their own models, animation sets and promo videos including the Hoff, Elvira and Flavor Flav.

Neopets the Darkest Faerie

One of the first open world adventure games for the PS2.

Of all the games I've worked on, this has top be one of my all time favorites because the characters were really fun to bring to life. Neopets. Since Neopets is a kid's website, many of the characters were drawn already, however our biggest challenge was to create a cohesive look with our orthographic drawings and models since many of their characters were drawn in such different styles and they didn't have a style guide.


  • Lead Character Artist
  • Modeled, textured & animated many of the characters.
  • Created a lot of Roberta's animations (main character) .
  • Created a lot of the technical animations for the main characters like jump, climbing ladder & climbing walls.
  • Art was done in Maya/Photoshop and game engine was an in-house engine.


Up in the corner is the original concept art done by Artists at Neopets so you can see we got the models looking very close to the art. I heard they were sticklers for accuracy but we didn't get any complaints of how they looked.

My Street

A bunch of mini-games for the PS2.

My Street was a Playstation 2 game that was the first cartoon styled game I worked on. The images are many of the characters I modeled and textured. I was lead character artist and oversaw the design of the characters as well.


- Modeled & Textured all characters (Player, NPC, animals & custom)

- Lead Character artist in charge of team.


My favourite part of this game was custom character creator. I was in charge of modeling, texturing and lining all the pieces up, matching vert normals so the seams disappear and coming up with pieces that could work with each other with minimal intersecting. The textures look a little funny here because they are set up to be coloured by the game engine.

Coolboarders 2001

A game for the PS2. Same name as the previous version, totally different game. Confusing, I know.

Coolboarders 2001 was the first Playstation 2 game that our company worked on. The brand new console was a huge challenge for the programmers and the artists since we didn't really know our limitations yet. This was also my first time working on characters and jumping into skeletons, rigs, skin weighting and character design.


  • Concepted, modeled and textured the 10 unique characters
  • Cleaned the scanned models & textures of 10 pro snowboarders.
  • Designed the UI/Front End, all the menus, buttons and graphics.


Please note that the ps2 version has the EXACT same as the PS1 version, even though they are different games.

Coolboarders 2001

A game for the PS1.

I created 2 courses & the User Interface/Front End. I really liked working on these courses. The renders are hardware rendered without shadows so the shadows you see are in the actual textures. Something rather new for that time. Also the rock texture is modular, meaning I could fit different parts together to make it more organic.


  • Designed UI & HUD
  • Designed, modeled & textured 2 environments.
  • Made up a system of texturing where the textures could be turned around and fit together no matter how they were oriented to add variety and the patterns would always match up.

Older Games

Games for the PS1.

RallyCross 2: Environment & UI Artist

SuperCross Circuit: Environment & UI Artist

Coolboarders 3: Environment & UI Artist

Coolboarders 4: UI Artist


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