New for 2019!

May 2019


I'm currently working on Ragnar Lothbrok from the Vikings tv show. This is still a work in progress. Top image is from Maya/Arnold, lower images are from Zbrush.

April 2019


Worked on some hard surface modeling, making a Dshk Soviet heavy machine gun which (from WWII originating in 1938.) I created a low resolution model for a project and I'm now working on a high res version. Mostly modeled in Maya using SubD's to keep the geometry clean and easy to convert to game meshes. I used ZBrush for some of the trickier parts like the bullet links, then retopo'd in Maya. Here are some renders taken in Maya/Painter, Arnold/VRay.


SciFi Bust

SciFi Character

Here's a quick render of a scifi bust rendered in Keyshot, modeled in ZBrush. I started out sculpting a dynameshed head and built it up as I learned tools and techniques. I made a bunch of custom IMM insert mesh brushes that are lower poly.

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