More Art

Graphic Design, Logos, Icons, UI/UX

My main focus is 3d but I have done some 2d throughout the years.

Animation Demo Reel

Video game animations for Idol Minds

  • Highwayman thug with the club is from Neopets for the PS2.
  • Monkey is from Pain for the PS3.
  • Bird is from Pain for PS3: Modeled, textured, rigged & animated
  • Meerca (long tail critter) is from Neopets for the PS2: Rigged & animated
  • Gargoyle is from Warrior's Lair, a game for the PS3/Vita that was cancelled. Concept, model, rig. Created all 23 in-game animations.

Drawings & Other Art

Drawings, illustration and other works.

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