ICT Institute for Creative Technologies

ICT is a research based organization where Occulus VR, HDRI lighting and Lightstage (where they scan actors for movies) was all invented. ICT does work for the USC/Army/Military/Navy/Darpa and other organizations like the Smithsonian. I would say the biggest thing I've done here is improve the art quality across their (roughly) 12 ongoing projects as well as create new assets that are up to the quality level of the latest video game engines. There is a lot of work that I can't show because of NDA's and licensing issues but here's a sample of some of the work I've done.


My responsibilities:

  • Improve the quality of existing assets from last gen to latest gen quality.
  • Make improvements to existing art, retopologize/re-uv, upgrade textures to PBR using Substance and photos to improve quality.
  • Generate new models/texures/materials using Maya/Mudbox/Substance/Photos.
  • Create UI/UX designs for web and apps.
  • Work & test in VR.
  • Set up lighting in Unity using GI (mostly real time since Unity hosed their baking system).
  • Take photos of textures/references and accurately color calibrate using the X-Rite color matching system.
  • Troubleshoot issues with Unity and come up with creative solutions to get around technical limitations.

ICT Human Characters: modeling & texturing

When I arrived at ICT a lot of models were in a pretty rough state, they had come from interns, purchased online and some were scans. Many needed reworking as well as new assets.

ICT Environments: modeling, texturing & lighting

Screenshots are mostly from Unity, all trees & grass created with SpeedTree with some custom textures. Also created most of the props.

Substance Designer

There's other art I've done with Substance but here are a few that were specifically exploring Designer.

Zippy Character

Modeled & textured in Maya, set up blend shapes, used a Unity toon shader & also designed the UI for the app.

PAL Character

This is an app for the US Navy. I designed the screen/face of the PAL character and a 3rd version of the body shape.

ICT environment: Canvas for The Smithsonian

Concepted, modeled, textured & lit the environments & props in Maya & Unity. (I did not create the character)

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