Video Game Artist

Welcome to my online portfolio, showcasing work I've done over the years in the video game & VR industries. The work you see on this site is mostly created by me, unless otherwise noted (with the exception of video game logos).


I was most recently employed for several years at ICT (Institute for Creative Technologies) in Culver City, CA as a Technical Artist. Before that I worked for over 14 years at Idol Minds video game company in Colorado, where Sony was our primary publisher. I started out designing user interfaces, then moved into environment modeling & texturing, then onto characters and became lead character artist. I also took on a lead role and oversaw anywhere between 1-10 artists. I've worn many hats and am proficient at animation, character rigging, writing python/mel scripts. I've worked on 9 shipped video game titles and I've learned an immense amount. I'm really good at troubleshooting issues with game engines, cooperating well with people and I can help in many parts of the art pipeline.



  • Character & Environment Modeling, Texturing, Animation, UI/UX design
  • MEL & Python Scripting, Rigging, some Unity C# Scripting
  • Maya, Photoshop, Unity, ZBrush, Speedtree, Substance Painter/Designer (also: Illustrator,  Mudbox, Remake, Asana, Perforce/SVN, Excel, Final Cut, Premier, After Effects, Lightroom, Logic, InDesign, ImageMagick & Visual Studio)

Portfolio Highlights

A few highlights of past & present works.

May 2019:


  • Spent the last few months digging into organic & hard-surface modeling & texturing in Zbrush.
  • Wrote more texture processing tools in python:
    • Batch convert Substance (sbsar) files. Converted thousands of textures.
      • Randomize seed option, so they're always different.
    • Batch convert normal maps from DirectX to OpenGL format.
    • Auto-level & chop up 'height' textures up into Alpha Textures (with option of a vignette) for Zbrush sculpting.
    • Convert textures into the new Unity's HDRP Lit format.

New for 2019:


Lothbrok from Vikings tv show, SciFi character, Dshk WWII Machine Gun.

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